Line Scan Lens
Compact line scan lens

Compact line scan lens

Designed for compact size line scan camera
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Features of Products

    Designed for compact size line scan camera

    High resolution up to 5u pith size

    Small Magnification for the application of large size inspecion.

    Option: standard filter thread

    Option: Interface from V-Mount to M42,M58,F-mount

Specification of Products
Product NO.EFLStandard MagnificationImage SizeF/NO.Optical DistortionWorking DistanceMechanical MountFilter SizeResolution specification
LS2003A200.0358Xφ304.5﹤0.2%557.4V-MountM43×P0.754K7μ product
LS2801A290.1Xφ304﹤0.1%299.7V-MountM35×P0.754K7μ product
LS3508A350.08Xφ304.5﹤0.01%508V-MountM37×P0.752K10μ/4K7μ product
LS4010A400.1Xφ43.22.8﹤0.5%400V-MountM37×P0.754K7μ product
LS6016A600.167Xφ644﹤0.2%404V-MountM37×P0.754K7μ/8K7μ product
LS8003A800.167Xφ645.6﹤0.01%320V-MountM37×P0.758K7μ/12K5μ product
LS9001A900.1Xφ644﹤0.01%992.4V-MountM58×P0.7512K5μ/16K3.5μ product
LS9005A950.05Xφ624﹤0.005%1980V-MountM58×P0.7512K5μ/16K3.5μ product
LS0802A1000.2Xφ664.5﹤0.005%654.8V-MountM54×P0.75 8K7μ product
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