Telecentric Lens
Coaxial illumination telecentric lens

Coaxial illumination telecentric lens

High telecentric degree, ultra-low distortion, extremely large DOF
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Features of Products

    Various magnification available

    Exellent imaging performance

    High telecentric degree, ultra-low distortion, extremely large DOF

    With object side telecentric design, support 2/3 inch sensor

    Applied in automated imaging control of modern electronic manufacturing equipment(like high precision SMT machine, glue machine, solid crystal machine, binding machine etc.)

    Its proprietary features can recognize the characteristics of integrated circuits, glass, LCD panels, etc., in order to facilitate automated high-speed operations

Specification of Products
Product NO.Reduction RatioMax Image CircleF/NO.object NAWDFOVTV DistortionTelecentricityTTLMountResolution specification
MV1111A1X2/3"110.04511011×8.8×6.60%﹤0.1º143C7.4μ product
MV1114A6X2/3"220.091102.75×2.2×1.65﹤0.05%﹤0.1º130C2.5μ product
MV1112A2X2/3"13.60.0741105.5×4.4×3.3﹤0.05%﹤0.1º149.73C4.5μ product
MV1116A6X2/3"350.0851101.83×1.46×1.1﹤0.02%﹤0.1º173.5C product
MV1105A0.5X2/3"9.30.02711017.6×13.2×22﹤0.05%﹤0.1º141C12μ product
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