Vehicle Lens
Vehicle Lens for 1/3

Vehicle Lens for 1/3" Sensor

5MP, ultra-fine picture quality
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Features of Products

    5MP, ultra-fine picture quality

    Super wide FOV

    Full waterproof, no water entrance, no fog

    New anti-shock technology, suitable for vehicle-use environment

    Aluminum alloy material, surface oxidation treatment, durable

    All black environment design, automatic infrared sensor matchable

    Applied in high-end driving recorder, vehicle lens, financial high shot instrument, SDV products

Specification of Products
Model NO.SensorResolutionElementFNo.EFLFOVTV DistortionTTLThread specification
CV0104A1/3"VGA6G+IR22.14120.6°/95.5°/145°<22.4%19.83M12X0.5P product
CV0205A1/3"5M6G+IR2.0 2.5115º/85º/148﹤14%22M12X0.5P product
CV0211A1/3"5M5G2.52.7116°/72°/144°<22%14.5M12X0.5P product
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